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Please register for our upcoming CEU Classes. All classes offer 3 CEU hours and are from 5-8 pm.

Sign up for in-person attendance in our classroom, or online via Zoom.

February 7th

Africanized Bee Control (1hr)

Ant Training Program (2hr)


February 22nd

Adjuvants/Chemical Helpers (1hr)

Herbicides Mode of Action (1hr)

Gopher Control (1hr)

March 9th

Calculation (1hr)

Cockroach (1hr)

Filth Fly Control (1hr)

March 21st

Bed Bugs (1hr)

Pesticide Safety (1hr)

Scorpion Control (1hr)

April 4th

Rodent Control (1hr)

Reducing Termite Call-backs (1hr)

Stinging Insects (1hr)

May 4th

Weed ID and Control (1hr)

Spider ID and Control (1hr)

Common Fly Biology and Control (1hr) )

April 20th

Perimeter Treatments (1hr)

Small Fly Biology and Control (1hr)

Tick Control (1hr)

May 16th

Mosquito COntrol (2hr)

Termite Biology and Control (1hr)