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Please register for our upcoming CEU Classes. All classes offer 3 CEU hours and are from 5-8 pm.

Classes will be presented live through a Zoom meeting online.

February 13th

Africanized Bees

Perimeter Treatments

Insecticide Dusts

February 20th

Calculations in Pest Control

Reducing Termite Callbacks

Filth Fly Control

March 6th

Weed ID & Control

Adjuvants – Chemical Helpers

Pesticide Safety

March 20th

Ant Training Program (2hrs)

Rodent Control


April 16th

Mosquito Control & ID (2hrs)

Tick Biology & Control


April 24th

Stinging Insects 

Spider Biology & Control

Small Fly Biology & Control

May 7th

 Scorpion Control

Silverfish & Firebrat Control

 Gopher Biology & Control 

May 15th

Common Flies Biology & Control

Cockroach 101

Bed Bugs